Freshman Enrollment Checklist

Congratulations on your acceptance to UMass Boston. There are still a few things left to do before you can call yourself a Beacon! Review the checklist below and be sure to contact the Office of Admissions at 617.287.6100 or with any questions. 

New Student Deposit and Housing Deposit

All new students must submit a $200 New Student Deposit and, if living on campus, a $300 housing reservation fee. Log into your myUMB portal to submit your payments. The deadline to submit your New Student Deposit and Housing Reservation fee is May 1st.

If you believe you may qualify for a New Student Deposit waiver, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

Directions for Student Potential (DSP)

If you have been invited to participate in UMass Boston's Directions for Student Potential (DSP) program you should take the following steps to secure your seat:

  1. Log into your myUMB portal and submit the DSP Confirmation Form by May 1st.
    • Please note that DSP students do not need to submit a $200 New Student Deposit.
  2. If you wish to live on campus, you must submit the $300 Housing Reservation Fee.
  3. Log into your myUMB portal and take the ALEKS Math Placement test and the Writing Placement Exam.

Learn more about the Directions for Student Potential (DSP) program at

Register for New Student Orientation

All new students are required to attend New Student Orientation. Orientation is where you'll have the chance to meet fellow classmates, register for classes, and familiarize yourself with university resources. 

After you've submitted your enrollment deposit, log into your myUMB portal to see if New Student Orientation dates are open for registration. 

Writing and Math Placement

Guided Writing Placement

All new students will participate in a guided writing assessment, which will result in recommended placements for both composition and first-year seminar courses. Please expect an invitation in your personal email account with the subject line: “Guided Writing Placement – Complete Before Orientation.” This process will help you determine which writing courses you should take in your first year at UMass Boston. You will receive a confirmation email with the subject line: “Guided Writing Placement – Recommended Courses” Please retain this email for your records. It will be helpful to have it readily available during your advising session following orientation.

Guided Self-Placement Steps

  • Complete this self-assessment activity before attending orientation. This placement program involves a set of questions about your experiences with language, writing, and standardized testing, followed by a brief reading and writing activity. Please answer all questions carefully and honestly, so that you will receive the best guidance on your course placements. You should expect this process to take about 60 minutes to complete.
  • Meet with your academic advisor. During the registration portion of new student orientation, you and your academic advisor should discuss the results of this program to select and register for appropriate writing courses. If you have not yet completed the guided writing placement when you meet with your advisor, they will not be able to assist you with registering for all courses, if that is the case. Please complete the placement after your appointment, before registering for your FYS course based on the recommendation you will receive. You may register for ENGL 101 at any time.
  • Register for courses. Using the results of this placement program as a guide, you and your advisor will work together to register for the appropriate courses in your first year.
  • If you have questions about this placement process, please contact the Testing Center at


ALEKS Math Placement

Students should refer to the prerequisite chart when considering whether to take the ALEKS math placement. When in doubt, take ALEKS before orientation, which will also give you access to a personalized learning module within ALEKS, and then give you the opportunity to retest. You may discuss this with your advisor during your advising/registration session following orientation.

To access the ALEKS Math Placement Test:

  • Log into your myUMB portal
  • Click on the 'Admissions Status' tab and scroll down to 'Next Steps'
  • Click on the 'ALEKS Math Placement' box

Health Services: Immunization and Health Insurance

To be ready for the start of classes, you are required to provide proof of immunization compliance by returning an immunization form to University Health Services. Also, you must participate in a school-sponsored qualifying Student Health Program or submit a waiver demonstrating comparable coverage through an alternate health plan. Save about $2,000 annually on insurance costs by submitting this waiver if you already have your own health plan or receive coverage from a parent/guardian's plan.

Securing On-Campus or Off-Campus Housing

If you're planning to live on campus, after submitting your $300 housing reservation fee, log back into your myUMB portal to access your housing application. 

For more information about on-campus or off-campus housing options, visit our housing website.

Get Your Financing in Order

Be sure to keep up on financial aid, merit scholarships, and employment opportunities. UMass Boston's One Stop staff is there to help you with your Financial Aid, Registrar and Bursar questions. 

Explore Student Clubs and Organizations

Getting involved on campus is one of the best ways to maximize satisfaction, overall experience, and academic performance. Explore student activities, clubs, and organizations before arriving on campus.

International Students and F-1 Visas

Upon admission to UMass Boston, the Office of Global Programs will reach out to encourage international students in need of an I-20 to upload financial and other documentation. International students can use their myUMB portal credentials to access the Global Programs portal to begin uploading required documentation. 

Please contact the Office of Global Programs with any questions: