No Test Option


When can I apply with the no test option?

Beginning with those applying for the fall 2017 term and beyond, First-year students may apply using the no test option. The no test option is available for students applying Early Action (November 1 deadline) as well as Regular Decision (March 1 deadline).

Why is UMass Boston offering a no test option?

As a university we recognize that not all students’ abilities are reflected by a standardized test score. In offering a no test option we hope to allow qualified academic applicants to highlight their qualifications.

Will my application be more competitive if I apply using the no test option?

That depends. It is ultimately up to the applicant to determine which option best highlights your academic abilities. We encourage applicants that apply with the no test option to have above a 3.2 recalculated high school GPA in order to be considered for admission.

Can I apply to all majors using the no test option?

No. Students applying to UMass Boston’s BS Nursing program may not apply with the no test option.

Can I still qualify for merit scholarships?

Students applying with the no test option may qualify for some of the lower level, though not all, merit-based scholarships that we offer. Eligible students that submit the FAFSA will, however, still qualify for need-based aid.

Are no test option applicants eligible to be considered for the Honors College?

Yes, no test option applicants may still be considered for UMass Boston’s Honors College.

I’m an international applicant, can I apply using the no test option?

Yes, though international applicants will need to submit a TOEFL exam to demonstrate English proficiency. 

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