Dual Enrollment

Looking for a chance to challenge yourself with a college course while enrolled in high school?

Want to experience what it’s like to take a course at UMass Boston with our world-class faculty?

The Dual Enrollment program at UMass Boston allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to take college-level courses at the University while earning both high school and college credit. You must have a high school GPA or 3.0 or higher to participate. To apply for the program please:

Dual Enrollment students are limited to enrolling in 100-200 level courses. The University may not be able to accommodate all requests based on academic ability and based on available classroom capacity. Students are financially responsible for the cost to take a Dual Enrollment Courses.

For cost information, visit the Bursar’s Office website. A typical Dual Enrollment course is 3 credits and the price may vary depending on the course.

For questions, contact the Dual Enrollment Program Coordinator, Daniel MacLeod, at Daniel.MacLeod@umb.edu or by phone at 617.287.4850.