Welcome to the Center of Excellence for Veterans

At UMass Boston we are dedicated to serving veterans and their dependents by providing unparalleled service. More than 600 veterans are enrolled at the University.

Our Center of Excellence for Veterans includes support and resources to help our veterans and their dependents succeed, provided by the following offices:

  • The Office of Veterans Affairs guides students from application through graduation and beyond. Professional staff members, who also are veterans, support students’ academic success and provide assistance with military transfer credits, financial and benefit information, as well as professional networking.

  • The Student Veterans’ Center is a student-run center providing a wide range of resources and information on veteran issues and supports the UMass Boston veteran student population.

  • The William Joiner Institute for the Study of War and Social Consequences promotes collaborative programming and research, encourages open discussion, and identifies and offers the necessary personal and professional support services veterans (current and future), their families, and others impacted by war or military service seek and need without exception. The Institute continues to address the social consequences of war through inclusive research, education, advocacy, and outreach.

Additional Resources for Veterans

  • Dedicated Veteran Orientation Session
  • Academic Support Services – Tutoring, Advising
  • Career Services – Networking, Resume Help, and more
  • University Health Services - Counseling, Stress Management, On-Campus Medical and Dental Clinic
  • U-ACCESS - Helps students meet their basic needs so they can achieve academic success
  • Ross Center - UMass Boston recognizes that some veteran students may have additional and unique stressors. Our Ross Center provides academic support, accommodations, and resources for any student whose commitments, history, or physical or mental health affects their access to education.
  • Student Employment

Our Partners

Thank you to the Jack Satter Foundation for their support of UMass Boston Student Veterans Success Project (2019-2021)

image of veteran Dawn DeRossette
“I realized just how much understanding and studying humanity coincides with understanding and being a good leader.”
— Dawn DeRossette, U.S. Army Veteran, UMass Boston Alumni '18